Paul Lindsley's Body of Work


Oregon landscaper, designer, builder of waterfalls, poet, artist, singer and songwriter, reflexologist and hands on healer, Paul Lindsley was born in Wichita, Kansas, moving to Oregon at the age of four. He graduated from Benson-Polytechnic High School, played Trumpet in the band, sang in a fifty member Glee-club. Attending Portland State college, he took Philosophy and sociology, and at U of O, he took philosophy, then receiving a Bachelor Degree of Theology from Northwest Christian College in Eugene Oregon. A decorated Vietnam veteran, Stationed at Nathrang with the Green Beret’ Fifth special forces, where he ate snakes held a knife between his teeth, until he cut his lip… and yelled Geronimo as he jumped out of airplanes and helicopter Now today fulfilling his dream of writing and singing his own music. Paul Lindsley has many accomplishments: CDs “Love tries and goodbye’s” and “More Love tries and goodbyes These are Pauls Love and break up songs, or maybe “getting back together songs?”. CD “Hear my mind” a compilation of love songs and comments on society’s outrageous condition, these songs are a way of looking at our place and action in the world. 3 CD’s titled “ God’s bound to be around” the trilogy. Inspired and Filled with Paul’s poetry set to music, with his philosophy and wisdom as well as life experiences about God’s incredible light of hope. Searching for the truth, with love and hope with Paul’s enlightening words and songs. Giving you hope and courage to grow and change, lyrics are the examples of how we should treat each other and what we doing on the planet. Paul’s compassion for the soul that struggle under the condition and restriction of a world filled with so much pain misunderstanding and lack of caring, He reminds us that as creative beings we were made to become great, more than conquerors and spiritual warriors and champions of love, knowing that we have the possibility and access to the source and the force to do it.

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